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A Little About Me

From an early age I have always been interested in the nature of both animals and humans and keeping them well, in the most natural way.


My studies have lead me mainly to the horse for his patience, grace and honesty. Through the horse I have discovered and understood the intrinsic and wonderful being that he is in mind and body.


The power of gentle touch, of listening with your hands, hearing the equine body, working on connective tissue to rebalance body and mind helps horses of all ages and disciplines.


I first discovered the Masterson method, an amazing form of integrated massage to help the horse relieve strains , stresses, tensions and restrictions in his body, whilst working with his natural instincts. I was totally hooked, and went on to qualify with Jim Masterson as a licensed practitioner, which then led me to further study and knowledge of the importance of connective tissue and myo-fascia release, and how equine cranial-sacral therapy has helped many equines.

The results are always fulfilling and have become my life's work, sharing the knowledge in France, Spain and Holland.

I live in France with my own equines, 3 geldings and Molly mule, who continues to teach and amaze me.

How I Can Help

Many, many horses are in pain, and the people responsible for their well-being usually don't even know it.

Owners and riders find out when their horse develops a performance or lameness issue, but the problem- the root of the pain-is usually there long before it becomes obvious.


The horse will instinctively do its best not to show outward signs of pain or weakness, to prevent himself being either picked out of the herd by a predator or kicked out of the herd as a weak link.


Sometimes the underlying problem can be muscle restrictions from scar tissue. An example would be a gelding that cannot cross canter, or horses that kick at imaginary flies on their bellies.


By using my developed skills in different types of hands on therapies I use different levels of touch that the horse's defense system does not internally resist.

Knowing how to read and work with the horse when this is happening, allows me to help the horse release restrictions and tensions in his body.


All hands on work is gentle, non-invasive, subtle and very powerful.
All equines benefit from bodywork, from the pasture pet, to the old and retired, the happy hackers, club pony's and high performance competition horses of all disciplines.


Sessions may take up to 2 hours. For long lasting effect and permanent change , depending on the horse, 1 to 4 sessions are beneficial.

Please contact me to disscuss your equines individual needs and requirements and how I can help.


Some horses need more,or even regular bodywork depending on, personality, restrictions, performance, maladies, and lifestyle.

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