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"Learn the forgotten unspoken language that your horse knows." 

The Art of Touch

Understanding Your Horse Through Touch

All workshops are held in a friendly relaxed atmosphere and designed to help you and your horse achieve wellbeing. The different modules you will find complement each other in order to achieve a harmonious existence.


You do not need specific qualifications for any of the workshops, just a genuine desire to improve the horse's well being both in mind and body.

Workshop #1  Introduction to the Masterson Method:

  • Introduction of the method.

  • What the method can do for you and your horse. 

  • How to see and feel the benefits.

Workshop #2 Fascia Therapy:

  • What is Fascia.

  • Fascia in trauma.

  • Fascia release techniques.

  • How to see and feel the benefits.


Workshop #3  Introduction equine acupressure:

  • Introduction to equine acupressure.

  • What is equine acupressure.

  • Understanding "Qi".

  • How to give acupressure.

  • How to see and feel the benefits.

Workshop #4 Scar tissue release:

  • Understanding the effects of scar tissue in the equine.

  • Understanding the emotions attached.

  • Scar tissue releasing techniques.

  • How to see and feel the benefits.

Workshop #5 Introduction to equine iridology:

  • Introduction to equine iridology.

  • What is it and how can we use it as a diagnostic tool.

  • Learn to see in the inside of the horse what you cannot always see on the outside. 

The results are amazing, not only visually but in the subtle changes that will happen, you will have a happier, more relaxed equine with better freedom of movement, improved performance and the added bonus of developing further the bond and relationship with your horse.


  • Maximum 6 persons.

  • They can be held:

    • With your own horses at the barn of your choice (Only in EU).

    • At my home in  Perpignan 66000 (FR) with my horses.

  • Includes:

    • Documented information via PDF.

    • Theory and guided hands-on practice sessions.


Friendly and tailor made sessions to suit you and your horse.

  • Includes:

    • Documented information via PDF.

    • Chat via zoom or hangouts. Available times: between 8:00AM and 10:00PM (GMT+1).

    • Guided hands-on practice sessions.

Write me at: to know more details, book a workshop or if you would like a therapy session for your horse.

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